Full of Mistakes


[00:00.31]Lesson 105 [00:03.45]Full of mistakes [00:07.08]Listen to the tape then answer this question. [00:13.49]What was Sandra's present? [00:18.33]Where's Sandra, Bob? [00:20.63]I want her. [00:23.41]Do you want to speak to her? [00:27.38]Yes, I do. [00:29.62]I want her to come to my office. [00:33.42]Tell her to come at once. [00:37.22]Did you want to see me? [00:40.65]Ah, yes, Sandra. [00:43.71]How do you spell 'intelligent'? [00:47.26]Can you tell me? [00:49.61]I-N-T-E-L-L-I-G-E-N-T. [01:00.83]That's right. [01:02.79]You've typed it with only one 'L'. [01:06.75]This letter's full of mistakes. [01:10.65]I want you to type it again. [01:14.89]Yes, I'll do that. [01:17.61]I'm sorry about that. [01:20.43]And here's a little present for you. [01:23.78]What is it? [01:25.48]It's a dictionary. [01:27.61]I hope it'll help you.