It Could be Worse


[00:10.39]Had the writer's money been stolen? [00:15.33]I entered the hotel manager's office and sat down. [00:20.13]I had just lost £50 and I felt very upset. [00:26.39]'I left the money in my room,' I said, 'and it's not there now. ' [00:33.33]The manager was sympathetic, but he could do nothing. [00:38.93]'Everyone's losing money these days,' he said. [00:44.08]He started to complain about this wicked world but was interrupted by a knock at the door. [00:52.53]A girl came in and put an envelope on his desk. [00:56.98]It contained £50. [00:59.97]'I found this outside this gentleman's room,' she said. [01:05.16]'Well,' I said to the manager,'there is still some honesty in this world!'