Do the English Speak English?


[00:03.30]Do they speak English? [00:12.26]Why does the writer not understand the porter? [00:17.71]I arrived in London at last. [00:21.05]The railway station was big, black and dark. [00:26.35]I did not know the way to my hotel, so I asked a porter. [00:32.60]I not only spoke English very carefully, but very clearly as well. [00:40.16]The porter, however, could not understand me. [00:44.44]I repeated my question several times and at last he understood. [00:51.37]he answered me, but he spoke neither slowly nor clearly. [00:57.42]'I am a foreigner,' I said. [01:01.12]Then he spoke slowly, but I could not understand him. [01:07.15]My teacher never spoke English like that! [01:11.68]The porter and I looked at each other and smiled. [01:15.91]Then he said something and I understood it. [01:20.14]'You'll soon learn English!' he said. [01:24.32]I wonder. [01:26.53]In England, each person speaks a different language. [01:31.50]The English understand each other, but I don't understand them!