Knock, Knock!


[00:00.60]Lesson 115 [00:04.23]Knock, knock! [00:06.96]Listen to the tape then answer this question. [00:12.74]What does Jim have to drink? [00:18.07]Isn't there anyone at home? [00:21.56]I'll knock again, Helen. [00:24.61]Everything's very quiet. [00:27.60]I'm sure there's no one at home. [00:30.90]But that's impossible. [00:33.61]Carol and Tom invited us to lunch. [00:37.80]Look through the window. [00:40.70]Can you see anything? [00:43.71]Nothing at all. [00:45.78]Let's try the back door. [00:49.22]Look! Everyone's in the garden. [00:53.22]Hello, Helen. Hello, Jim. [00:57.31]Everybody wants to have lunch in the garden. [01:01.36]It's nice and warm out here. [01:04.91]Come and have something to drink. [01:08.73]Thanks, Carol. [01:10.77]May I have a glass of beer please? [01:14.58]Beer? [01:15.72]There's none left. [01:17.87]You can have some lemonade. [01:21.04]Lemonade! [01:22.67]Don't believe her, Jim. [01:24.71]She's only joking. [01:26.59]Have some beer!