Small Change


[00:00.73]Lesson 113 [00:03.88]Small change [00:06.48]Listen to the tape then answer this question. [00:11.98]Who has got some small change? [00:17.39]Fares, please! [00:19.07]Trafalgar Square, please. [00:21.54]I'm sorry, sir. [00:24.17]I can't change a ten-pound note. [00:28.14]Haven't you got any small change? [00:31.97]I've got no small change, [00:34.53]I am afraid. [00:36.51]I'll ask some of the passengers. [00:40.19]Have you any small change, sir? [00:43.64]I'm sorry. [00:44.96]I've got none. [00:48.01]I haven't got any either. [00:51.80]Can you change this ten-pound note, madam? [00:56.84]I'm afraid I can't. [01:00.13]Neither can I. [01:02.94]I'm very sorry, sir. [01:05.29]You must get off the bus. [01:08.54]None of our passengers can change this note. [01:13.63]They're all millionaires! [01:16.36]Except us. [01:19.36]I've got some small change. [01:22.96]So have I.