The Best Art Critics


[00:10.99]Who is the student's best critic? [00:15.97]I am an art student and I paint a lot of pictures. [00:21.45]Many people pretend that they understand modern art. [00:26.32]They always tell you what a picture is 'about'. [00:30.55]Of course, many pictures are not 'about' anything. [00:35.30]They are just pretty patterns. [00:38.11]We like them in the same way that we like pretty curtain material. [00:44.18]I think that young children often appreciate modern pictures better than anyone else. [00:52.01]They notice more. [00:54.27]My sister is only seven, [00:57.08]but she always tells me whether my pictures are good or not. [01:02.67]She came into my room yesterday. [01:05.94]'What are you doing?' she asked. [01:09.36]'I'm hanging this picture on the wall,' I answered. 'It's a new one. Do you like it?' [01:17.48]She looked at it critically for a moment. [01:21.07]'It's all right,' she said, 'but isn't it upside down?' [01:26.93]I looked at it again. [01:28.97]She was right! It was!