2024-03 double-sided


prove(证明) => proof(证据) => probe(调查/探针)=> prob-able(可以调查的,就是有可能的)=> probably disprove 证明...是错的=>approve(批准,也就是证明是对的)=>disapprove(不赞成) I need a new battery for my laptop. 我的电脑需要一个新电池。

He asked me to copy these files in French.
Move your mouse there, but don't click anything.
Did that work?
You can use the keyboard to take notes.
If I improve my writing, maybe I'll earn more money.
Is it all right if he works from home this week?
Here is everything you bought.
When Ben works from home, he doesn't wear a tie.
This is the necklace that my mom bought.
He'll be working from home for the rest of the year.
excuse me, are you waiting in line?
My internet is really slow.
Why does she always keep herself busy?
Do you need me to help you?
We can get there by subway, can't we?
Why don't we take a road trip?
We'll go sightseeing at the Grand Canyon.
This isn't a very clean rest stop.
It won't take long to get some snacks.
It won't take long to stop at the gas station.
There's a parking space past that black car.
Does the sign say it's a one-way street?
We can get to the market on foot.
The parking lot is past the traffic light. The parking lot is past the restaurant.
The gas station is past our hotel.