2024-4 There aren't any seats close to the stage


When you marry the right women, you are 'Complete'. If you marry the wrong women, you are 'Finished', BUT when the right women catch you with the wrong women, you are 'Completely Finished`. completed - means you've done all the parts of the relevant task finished - you have done the task as a whole, but you may have skipped some parts. Example: I have finished the game, but I'm yet to complete all the side quests.

There aren't any seats close to the stage.
You don't have to be thin to be a model.
Do you like the gold dress she's dressed in?
Fashion Week is always held in New York.
I like the gold dress the model is dressed in.
It's not buy one get one free, it's half-price.
Lin goes to her room and puts on a shirt and jeans.
We're in the cafe opposite the library.
She's not an average student, she's very smart!
When I take this class, I'll get a workbook.
We found out a lot about Harvard on the website.
You need to take health before you graduate.
I'll talk to Dr. White before I go to health.
Emma is going to order an omelet, isn't she?
I had grilled salmon for dinner.
Only one wrong out of fifty? Congratulations.
I have to make a video about World War I by Friday.
Thank you for the advice on the clubs at NYU!
You'll get a student ID before you start taking classes.
Does this wool scarf come in green?
I'm trying to share my screen.
Anyway, I think I'll be leaving soon.
We were going to cook, but we didn't have any rice.
The second course is a salmon salad.
Excuse me, sir, did you book a table for two?